Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies (No Spoilers)

Who doesn’t love a good horror movie?



1. Sinister (2012)


Having a difficult time coming up with his next story, crime writer, Ellison Oswald, finds a box of old super 8 films in his attic. After watching them, he finds that the films may have been the home movies of a serial killer. Can he find who was behind them or will the killer find him?

Scary Scale: 9 out of 10


2. The Conjuring (2013)


Ed and Lorraine Warren investigate a family’s house after they plead to them for help. The Warrens find out that they are in for much more than they expected.

Scary Scale: 6 out of 10


3. Saw Series (2004-2017)


A madman kidnaps people who he believes have done some sort of wrong and leaves them in charge of their own fate by giving them a choice to do terrifyingly gruesome things or die.

I can’t just mention a single Saw movie. If you watch one, you need to watch them all. Binge them all at home then take yourself over to your nearest theatre and watch the latest sequel to the Saw Series “Jigsaw.”

Scary Scale: 8 out of 10



4. Hush (2016)


A masked man appears at the window of a house owned by Maddie, a deaf writer, alone in the middle of nowhere. Terrified and confused, she is forced to defend herself in fear of losing her life.

Scary Scale: 9 out of 10


5. Insidious (2010)


Moving into a new house is normally a happy life event for a family. The Lamberts however, end up with their son in a coma and have to find a way to save him before evil spirits take over his body and he is lost forever.

Scary Scale: 6 out of 10


6. The Crazies (2010)


Sheriff Dutton, his wife and two others must escape Ogden Marsh despite the homicidal crazies that have been infected by a virus that contaminated the towns water supply.

Scary Scale: 6 out of 10


7. The Collector (2009)


An ex-con plans to steal an expensive gem from a house in order to pay off an overdo debt. He is forced to abandon his “in and out” plan when he learns that he isn’t the only one targeting this particular house. Too bad the other intruder doesn’t have such harmless plans.

Scary Scale: 7 out of 10


8. Dawn Of The Dead (2004)


A remake of the original, Dawn Of The Dead yet again redefined the horror genre. This time with fast paced zombies trying to get into a mall where survivors are holding up.

Scary Scale: 7.5 out of 10


9. You’re Next (2011)


A nice family gathering to celebrate a wedding anniversary turns into a blood fest as people disguised in animal masks start taking out the family members one by one.

Scary Scale: 8 out of 10


10. Oculus (2013)


Siblings Kaylie and Tim suspect that the violent deaths of their parents 10 years earlier wasn’t just a simple tragedy. Instead, they suspect that an antique mirror was behind it. They soon find out that an evil force lives inside that mirror and controls anyone who dares gaze into it.

Scary Scale: 7 out of 10


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