4 Essential Items To Keep In Your Purse At All Times

These essentials are perfect for small or large purses so there is no reason why every woman should not carry them at all times!


Hand Santizer


Whether you accidentally touched gum underneath a table or opened a door only to feel an unknown, sticky residue on your hands, hand sanitizer can be great to have. I love Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers as they have so many scents to choose from. Oh and with the holidays coming up, you will be able to get holiday exclusive scents like the ones pictured above!


Lip Balm

My lips get chapped quite often so I am always in need of some lip balm. Vaseline is my absolute favorite. They have a few different sized containers, scents and tints!

Bonus Tip: Put a little bit on your brows and it will lock them in place all day long!



For obvious reasons, plackers are a must. I prefer the Oral B 3D White ones as they leave your breath smelling super fresh. You can purchase a travel pack for under $2 USD. I bought one at Walmart and just refill the container whenever I need to.


Rollerball Perfume


I’m sure almost every woman already has some perfume in her purse but I’ve found that mine took up a lot of space. Rollerball perfumes are normally very narrow and hardly take up any room in your purse. They can also be very discreet in comparison to spray perfumes. Victoria’s Secret has a BUNCH of rollerball perfumes which is usually where I purchase mine.

Agree with our essentials? If you did, be sure to let us know in the comments, give this post a like and share it with friends!

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