Quick Tips For Decluttering

A few months back, I found myself not being able to shake this feeling of being extremely overwhelmed whenever I came home. My husband didn’t understand it and kept assuring me that our house was immaculate. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that because of how much clutter I had going on within my house, no matter how much I cleaned, it would still look messy. I couldn’t take it any longer so that same night, I grabbed my two laundry baskets, a garbage bag and got to it:


Two Baskets and A Bag

Basket #1 – Things you are keeping.

Basket #2 – Things to be given away.

Garbage Bag – Things that are trash.


The Rules



Don’t Keep Anything You Don’t Need

This should be a given but we all have been there and decided to keep things that we still haven’t used to this day.

“But I spent “$X.XX” on this!”

”But so and so gave this to me.”

”But I will need this one day.”




If it cost a bunch of money: donate it. Hopefully it has served it’s purpose for you and now it can do the same for someone else.

If it’s of sentimental value: determine how much. (Holiday cards don’t count, toss them)


One Room At A Time


My house is relatively small so I was able to declutter it entirely in a matter of hours but I understand that not everyone can say the same.

My suggestion to you is to only work on one room at a time. Start with the kitchen. You can always take a few things off the counter, re-organize the pantry and cabinets, clean out the fridge and freezer. You can then decide if you want to move onto the next room or if the kitchen was a big enough achievement for the day.




Yes, I know. Sometimes the people we with live with may be very less than willing to just get rid of the things they don’t use. Sometimes we may be asking for too much. The answer to these issues is compromise. Meet somewhere in the middle in order to find a solution that works for both of you.




If it doesn’t fit then it definitely goes…to the donation basket or the trash bag. Same with those items you keep “just in case.” It’s time to get rid of those too.


Well, the rest is up to your discretion. Good luck in your decluttering conquest. Hopefully these quick tips helped you out! Don’t forget to share/pin and subscribe to my email list!



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