The First Step Toward Weightloss: Mindset

041E088D-ACA8-42E2-9701-FF928E5E1E56.jpegAs I stated in my introduction to weight-loss, I had to hit rock bottom in order to get into the right mindset. It isn’t something that I would wish upon others but unfortunately, it is the necessary motivation for some. Your mindset is what will get you going and keep you going. In my opinion, getting your mind right is the most important step to take before beginning your weight loss journey. So how do you get into the right mindset? Well you need to understand a few things first:

There will be plenty of internal battles that only you can overcome. This journey is about you and only you. You are about to change your entire lifestyle.

This will not be easy and it will not be quick. With the billions of “fast diets” out there, you may have been led to believe that there is some magical solution to weight loss. I’m sorry but there isn’t.

There will be days where you won’t want to do it anymore. Those kinds of days will happen a lot, especially in the beginning. You are in charge of reminding yourself why you want/need to do this.

You will face temptations 24/7. A simple task such as shopping at the grocery store will become something you dread more than normal, at least in the beginning. It will be hard not to purchase the unhealthy foods that you are used to but it will become easier with time.

Results won’t show immediately. It takes a lot of time and a lot more effort. Your mind will try to convince you that since you can’t see immediate results, then it isn’t working and it isn’t worth it. DON’T LISTEN TO IT!

By understanding all the hard times ahead of you, you are putting yourself in the right mindset. You are preparing yourself for what’s to come and you will be able to overcome the hard times more easily. Promise yourself that you will not give up. That you will not shame yourself if you fail. You will fail. It happens. I failed a few times by giving into temptations. What matters is that you keep going and not use those slip ups as an excuse to quit altogether.

The right mindset is also about understanding why you want this. Ultimately your goal should be to live a long, healthy life which would also result in you feeling happy and confident in yourself and your body.


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8 thoughts on “The First Step Toward Weightloss: Mindset

    1. Thanks for your comment! I will be posting one post at a time in order to help teach others the proper way to slowly & healthily lose weight! But you are absolutely right, taking it slow is definitely the right way to go-NOT going “cold turkey” by cutting out every single bad food at once.

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