Top 10 Foods That All Puerto Ricans Look Forward To For The Holidays


Being Boricua means you look forward to some extra yummy food for the holidays! Here are ten of the most delicious foods EVER!


10. Arroz Con Gandules


The most known and loved dish of all Puerto Rican dishes. This is served at mostly every meal so technically it isn’t just for the holidays but you will still see it on the table so here it is. Rice and gandules, everyone.


9. Flan


Flan is a favorite amongst many, especially Puerto Rican’s. There are a few types (Flan de queso, Flan de cafe, Coconut Flan) and you can guarantee that almost everyone of them will be fought over in the kitchen!


8. Empanadas/Pastelillos


Mmm.. what’s inside? Pollo? Carne? Queso? ALL THREE?! Empanadas are a Puerto Rican godsend.

Empanadas usually contain seasoned chicken, seasoned chicken and cheese, seasoned pork, seasoned pork and cheese, seasoned beef, or seasoned beef and cheese!


7. Pasteles


While I agree that they don’t look too appetizing, pasteles are about as traditional as you can get when it comes to Puerto Rican food but they don’t come without controversy. The controversy? Ketchup or no ketchup? 😉

Pasteles are made up of yucca (that’s the soft outside) and contain beef, pork, or chicken on the inside.


6. Platanos Maduros


These are plantains/bananas and they are cut up and fried. They are oh so yummy and sweet. They have a soft texture in the middle and if you’re lucky enough, you can get one with a nice crispy edge!


5. Yuca



Yuca is made up of a root of a plant called “Yucca.” It is usually served with a homemade sauce made up of garlic, olive oil and other ingredients.


4. Pernil


Pernil is a very well seasoned roast pork. Often times, you can catch my uncle sneaking up behind my grandma and snatching pieces to eat while she is still cutting it.


3. Arroz Con Dulce


My personal favorite, “rice pudding.” My family makes it without raisins. Rice pudding is only made twice a year, Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Arroz con Dulce is white rice cooked and seasoned with a bunch of spices.


2. Relleno De Papas


Another Puerto Rican classic, these stuffed potato balls are absolutely delicious. I usually grab a freshly made one and eat it while watching my mom and abuela cook. You know, to test it. Make sure it’s good enough for the guests. 😉

Relleno de papas are stuffed with either seasoned chicken, seasoned pork, or season beef.


1. Coquito


Coquito is ONLY made during the winter holidays. When you google the term “Puerto Rican Coquito” you will find all kinds of fancy, shmancy recipes poured into a beautiful glass topped with a perfect cinnamon stick. (I made the coquito pictured above as a gift to my mother-in-law so I used those “fancy, shmancy” bottles.) Fact is, most Puerto Ricans pour the Coquito back into the bacardi bottle once done for it ferment. Once ready to be consumed, it is poured into a cup and soon enough the entire family is dancing to Elvis Crespo-Suavemente yelling “Wepa! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”



Some of the images of the food items aren’t mine although I will be making sure to update them with photos of my own family’s food during the holidays!

Well, that is all for this post guys! We hope you enjoyed a glimpse into a Puerto Rican holiday menu. Please be sure to like, comment and subscribe to this blog and don’t forget to share/pin!

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