Steps Towards Weightloss: Setting Your Goals

There are two types of goals: Short Term Goals (STG) and Long Term Goals (LTG).

A long-term goal is a goal that will take a while to achieve. For example: My long term goal is to get down to 100 lbs and maintain it.

A short-term goal is a goal that you can achieve sometime in the near future. You will probably have a few of these. The reason for short term goals is that they ultimately lead you to your LTG. Some examples of my STG’s are:

First goal was to get to 130 lbs.

My current is to get to 115 lbs.

My next will be 109 lbs.

Final STG will be to get to my LTG (100 lbs and maintain)


Why should you set STG’s & LTG’s?

Setting goals will help keep you on track. They will show how far you’ve come and how far you still have to go (but I wouldn’t focus on that part).


Track & Reward System

This right here is something that I believe anyone who is trying to lose weight should do, man or woman. A track & reward system is a way to “track” your progress and “reward” yourself for it. Below is a picture of mine:


My start date on here is “March 13” that is when I made the chart. I had already started my caloric deficit on March 8 and started working out about a week and a half after March 13.

It’s nothing fancy but it gets the point across. I am able to mark off my weight as I lose it, there is room to write dates and achievements (which I should have done), and then over to the right you will find my STG’s and my rewards for when I reach them. I have my system placed in my workout room so I am able to see it every day.



Tips For Track & Reward System:

Don’t Mark Off Until You’ve Had A Steady Weight: By steady weight, I mean that you have seen more or less the same number on the scale for the past 10 days. For example: If the scale is consistently showing you that you weigh between 119.8 lbs and 119.1 lbs, then it’s safe to say that you can mark off 120 lbs. Congrats!

***Speaking of steady weight, here is an example of how my weight constantly fluctuated. I used an app called “Life” to log my daily weight which created a visual weight-loss chart.

This chart shows a span of 90 days.


Don’t Reward Yourself With Food: This would be a perfect example of “one step forward, two steps back.” Rewarding yourself with food ruins everything you have done so far. It is getting you back into the habit of relying on food for comfort.

Don’t Use The System As A Way Of Splurging: If you know that you can’t afford something, don’t bother putting it on your reward list.

No One Has To See It But You: Exactly that. As long as you keep it where you can see it daily, then no one else has to know. This system is to keep you motivated and feeling proud of yourself. It is to remind you that you can do this!


Take Before Photos and Measurements

This is something that I wish I had done. I never took photos of myself or did measurements before I started. I definitely regret it. I know how big I was and how far I have come, but to see it in photos as definitive proof would have been so much better. Do yourself a favor and take photos from both of your sides, the front and the back. Do a few different poses as well. Take photos once a month around the same date. Try to recreate the poses from the original photos as well as taking the photos in the same location. You will be so grateful that you did.

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