Top 10 iPhone X Features

With every new iPhone release comes all the disputes on whether  “Android is better” or “iPhone is better.” Fact is: It’s all about preference and if you are currently reading this post then I am going to assume that you are an iPhone user who is either looking into getting the new iPhone X or you already have one! So without further ado, the top 10 iPhone X features.


10. Lock Screen Icons

As you can see from the images above, we now have two icons on the sides of where “Press home to open” was displayed. The camera on the lock screen is nothing new as we all know in previous iPhones you needed to slide right and it would open up the camera. You can still do that with the X or you can simply press the camera button. But if you look over to the left, you can see the flashlight icon. This is a game changer. No joke. My phone is probably used as a flashlight more times in a day than it is used as a phone.


9. Lock Screen Notifications

On previous iPhones, you had the option of hiding your notifications in the lock screen. While that was a great feature, in order for you to actually view that notification when you were ready, you had to entirely open up the app that the notification was from. With the iPhone X, Face ID helps this feature to be a bit more convenient by recognizing when you are glancing at the phone and then showing you the previews of your hidden notifications.


8. Face ID


Face ID has taken the place of Touch ID. Some would say this is a downgrade, I say it’s quite handy. Touch ID was used for everything from unlocking your phone, using Apple Pay, and allowing you to quickly access certain pass code locked apps. Face ID has now taken over those tasks and it works quicker in unlocking all those things I just mentioned since you don’t have to wait for your finger to register.


7. Animoji

To be fair, Animoji’s are definitely amusing. It’s pretty neat to see those little characters take on our facial expressions in real time. They are also super fun to use in a conversations with other iPhone users.


6. True Tone


First introduced on the iPad Pro, True Tone has now been brought to the iPhone. True Tone automatically adjusts the display to fit natural colors depending on the lighting that you’re under. The change in the display is so seemless and smooth that you don’t really notice it unless you go to settings and manually turn it off. It’s then that you see just how bright the screen is capable of being. Apple claims that True Tone helps to prevent eye strain and I believe it to fit their claims.


5. Super Retina


Speaking of the display, let’s talk about the super retina with OLED. It is almost flawless. The first thing that I noticed when I turned on my phone was how bright, clear, and HD my photos uploaded from my iCloud looked. I could only imagine the photos that were to be taken on my iPhone X. The reason that I say “almost flawless” is because of an issue with burn-ins. A plethora of iPhone X users have claimed that their screen was showing faint remnants of their previous screen after they left it and went to a new one. (Ex: Facebook messenger was still slightly showing on their screen after they had loaded instagram) Apple has since addressed the issue here.


4. Wireless Charging

Finally, after years of begging Apple to give our phones the capability of being able to be wirelessly charged, they came through…kind of. The reason I say that is because even though the phones had a baseline price of over $1,000 they couldn’t throw in a wireless charger! On top of the purchase of the wireless charger, you also need to buy a Qi capable phone case. Aside from the price you’d have to pay in order to utilize the X’s wireless charging capabilities, it is still a pretty cool feature.

Above are two of the chargers that Apple sells on their site at $60 USD each.

(Black Mophie Wireless Charger) (White Belkin Wireless Charger)


3. Cameras

The rear camera is now vertical instead of horizontal. Sensors have been improved on both the rear and front cameras and a new color filter has been added in order to help create more colorful, vibrant photos and videos. The rear camera’s telephoto lens now has a lower apertature to allow more light in when you take dim-lit photos. This allows the photos to come out more clearly. The front camera is now a true depth camera thanks to the infrared sensors and dot projectors(Face ID). This means we can now take “portrait mode selfies!”

(Above photos are examples of the rear camera’s portrait quality)


2. No Home Button

While many consider this a loss, I consider it a win. I hated the home button for a couple of odd reasons. I have always had this irrational fear that the button would break due to how often it was needed to be used. That and I also hated the noise that it would make. Even though this was a moment that I had been looking forward to for years, I still had reservations when it came to an iPhone with no home button. When I finally got my hands on the iPhone X, I saw very quickly how easy it would be to get used to especially since no home button meant more screen which leads me to number one.


1. More Screen, Less Border

(The images above belong to

With the home button gone, that means there is no need for that border around the screen thus giving us our newest generation of iPhone with an almost edge to edge display.



Do you own the newest iPhone? Did this article help sway you in your decision to purchase one? Let us know down in the comments!


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