7 Ways To Show Your Gratitude This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. It’s the time of the year where we all express how grateful we are for everything that we have. This could mean family, friends, health, home, or even food! This thanksgiving, I would like to ask everyone to pass their good fortune forward by taking part in one of the actions listed below. This is a quick list and it is in no particular order as all of the actions listed are equally important due to the fact that you don’t have to do them but hopefully you choose to do them.


Give A Compliment

Let’s start this list with something super simple: Give a genuine compliment to someone you hardly know – heck, give a few people compliments! It will be sure to brighten their day.


Pay For A Stranger’s Meal

I’ve seen quite a few posts on the internet of people thanking a random stranger for paying for their meal at a restaurant. The restaurant can be as nice as an Olive Garden or as simple as McDonald’s.


Stop By Your Local Nursing Home

Stop by your local nursing home and spend a few hours with the people there. You will be surprised by the amount of people who live there that don’t ever have any visitors. It can be quite lonely for them and you being there will remind them that they are loved, even if you don’t know them personally.


Help A Stranger With Their Groceries

I am not talking about paying for them, although if you can afford it and decide to go that route, more power and blessings to you.  I am talking about if you happen to see an elderly person, or even a young person, who is struggling to get their groceries into their car, take a moment to stop and offer help.


Donate Your Old Clothes

Take some time to go through your old clothes and bag them up. Bring them to a local shelter or a place where donations are accepted for the less fortunate.


Volunteer At A Local Shelter

This is the stereotypical way to show gratitude on Thanksgiving but still a great way to do so. Volunteer to help feed the homeless/less fortunate in your area and maybe even sit down and have a nice conversation with a few. Another way that you can volunteer at a shelter is at your local animal shelter. Ask to help out for a few hours and show the homeless pets some love as well.


Say “Thanks” At Dinner

Be the one to say “thanks” at Thanksgiving dinner. Often times, we don’t express how grateful we are for everything that we have, this includes our loved ones. Take this time to express to them how you feel, especially to the person or people who slaved over the stove all day. 😉 This can be especially meaningful, if you in particular, aren’t one to get sentimental often.


I would like to give a shout out to a woman named Trinity (who approved of me sharing this story) on my local community page who took it upon herself to offer to help out a hardworking family in need. Trinity put the names of families in a hat and had her 5 year old pull one out. She then contacted the winner and gave them a $150 gift card to help them purchase their Thanksgiving meal.

You can see that I wasn’t the only one inspired by Trinity’s kindness!

Trinity’s kindness is actually what inspired me to write this post today and I just wanted to say “Thank you” for reminding me that we should all be as easily willing to help out someone else, which ever way that we can.


This list was only 7 ways that you can do to help spread gratitude but remember: there is an unlimited number of ways. Let me know in the comments if you intend to do any of the actions listed above or if you have any ideas of your own!

Please be sure to share this post to help spread the gratitude and positivity this Thanksgiving!


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